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I realize i havent been on here in a while but the last 6 months have been more busy for me than I could have ever hoped for. I've been getting so much work that I had to partner up with another drywall contractor to tackle everything. ( I have a problem saying no ) Anyway, I've tried out a few different tools and systems and figured I'd let you all know my opinions. First I updated my dura stilts with one pair of the marshalltown skywalkers (the one with that weird foot thing) they seemed really well made, which influenced my decision to buy them. The second day I had them, the latch that holds the height setting broke off. Then a week later that broke off too. The plastic ratchet wears away the strap quickly. I'm not a fan of the walking either, too stiff for me. Also the soles are very slippery, I slipped and fell twice on plywood. I also have a pair of the sur mag stilts, the yellow ones. I love them. They are light as hell and comfortable. I have the padded calf and I love the high heel plate. Best stilt I've ever tried. Also I bought a BTE tube with $300 worth of applicators. Tried the thing for two days in all different aspects of taping and hated it. My hands were covered in mud, gloves or no gloves, my hands were too slippery to pull the handle out. Im a knife and trowel taper and I taped two bedrooms same size, hung exactly the same, one with the tube one by hand. I'm much faster by hand. I use a wool roller to load the corners and it was more than twice as fast as the corner applicator. I cleaned and returned the thing. Also bought a hilti cordless screwgun and cordless dewalt router. Best purchase hanging wise I've ever made. So nice screwing off 9' lids without tripping over cords. It came with 2 batteries and they take 25 min to charge. I can screw for almost 2 hours straight with one battery. The router doesn't last long but that might be because I bought the bare tool and use my 5 year old dewalt batteries. All I can say is I'm done with cords!!! I also have been using a lot of no coat for my off angles I love the stuff. I've tried strait flex, magic corner, and level line. (orange box) no coat is by far the best. Up until now ive been using mostly metal bead with pneumatic stapler. I want to start using the ultra flex sticks all the time. They come out so much nicer. I'm still using metal at the moment but lookin into getting the hopper thing and once I get it. No more metal!! I've started gluing my drywall as well. (not many guys in my area use glue) it's not really common here I guess. Nobody's ever asked for it. But I've noticed it doesn't really take as much more time as I thought it would. We don't glue outside walls due to poly, or the ceilings, but everything else is glued. It's a little pricy (think I'm paying $4.26 a tube) but I think I can squeeze them down to upper 3's if i buy a skid. Lastly, are you ready for this one........Buttboards!!!!! I Can't really say any more than that. I don't know why I didn't try these things earlier. To anyone whose not using them thinking they are too expensive or too much of a pain for the hanger, Which is what I thought, you're wrong!! They use way less mud and if you double your butts with an 18 trowel like I used to, your cutting your labor on butts in more than half. Comes out soooooo much nicer. That's about it for now. Sorry for the ridiculously long post but I've been away for awhile. Again, these are my opinions so don't everyone go arguing all at once. :-)
Category: Drywall Post By: ROGER TORRES (San Mateo, CA), 02/10/2018

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