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Hello everyone, This is my first post, although i have been using this site for a couple months now and have found some very useful information. I have been painting for over 15 years and have just recently (after moving to a new area) decided to start my own painting company, something I have been doing on the side for the last 6 years. I know enough to know that I still have alot to learn and am looking forward to being a member of this community. When I am bidding a painting job, I am often asked to do small (minor) drywall repairs, such as re-taping split joints or cracks, skim coats after wallpaper removal and small piece work. I am looking for some general information on how to price this stuff out. I know alot has been said on this topic here and in other forums, but the answers usually apply to hanging/finishing large areas where the price is given in either sqft. or per board. This really does'nt compute if i am just cutting out and replacing 2x2 piece where someone as put thier fist through the wall. I would'nt consider myself to be a profesional drywaller, but i can do patchwork and make butt-joints dissapear even if it takes an extra coat, and little more sanding. Here are some examples of what i asking about in terms of pricing. 1. A doorway that had been closed up and was either poorly taped or not taped at all, leaving a crack where the jam once was. Total linear ft to be taped is about 17ft on each side of the wall. 2. A 12x12 room that needs to be skim coated after home owner removed wallpaper. total area 144 sqft. 3. Small piece work (cut out and replace damaged drywall). I dont typicall like to charge hourly, so I am wondering if anyone has reasonable price per linear ft for something like 1 and 3 and sqft for 2. As I said above, this is more often in addition to a larger painting project Thanks matt
Category: Drywall Post By: RITA PATTERSON (Deerfield Beach, FL), 03/03/2018

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